Born in a family of musicians in the south of France, I was, from a very young age, seduced by the Euphonium, an instrument too few people know about. A passion was born between us!
By multiplying Concerts, Masterclasses, CD, my gaol is to share the interest I have for this instrument so it can be recognised and valued by a large audience.

... and my Euphonium

Is the Besson Sovereign T (with trigger). I have always played on a Besson instrument and immediately liked it's large and charming sound as well as it's technical facilities.
The Besson Euphonium completely suits my conception of the instrument.

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• 13 - 14 décembre
Masterclass et concert a Genazzano (Italie)

• 22 décembre
Concert en soliste avec l’harmonie de Vinay

• 11 janvier
Concert avec le quatuor Caeli a Douai

• 15 janvier
Concert avec le Prestige Brass quartet à Avallon

• 17 au 20 janvier
Jury au conservatoire de Tours

• 26 janvier
Masterclass et PBB concert à Doulan (Picardie)

• 28 janvier au 2 février
Festival à Taipei (Taiwan)

Antoine Courtois Paris Brass Band Buffet Group